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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pop Up Galleries in Evanston

Attention Evanston Business Owners
Turn your store into a Pop Up Gallery!

During Open Studios Evanston on June 6, 2015, Evanston business owners are invited to display art work created by Evanston artists!

*Get on the Open Studios Evanston Art Map
*Introduce your business to new audiences
*Host a reception or gallery talk by a local artist!

If you are interested in participating in this citywide celebration of the arts, contact Lisa Degliantoni at

Visit for event information

The photo above was taken during Open Studios Evanston 2014 
at Sidetracked Studio on Chicago Ave. 

Evanston painter Mary Graham 

Evanston glass designer and artist Heather Hancock

Review: 'Circuscope' at the Actors Gymnasium


Consider the lowly tardigrades. They neither toil nor spin. But in "Circuscope," these tiny, water-dwelling creatures come into glorious focus through artists who spin, dance, juggle, drum, clown and otherwise turn the Actors Gymnasium into a kinetic and thrilling trip through the lens piece, while making it all look toil-free.
Created by Dean Evans and director Vanessa Stalling, "Circuscope" imagines the world inhabited by these eight-legged organisms, a half-millimeter in length, also adorably known as "water bears" or "moss piglets," who are able to withstand extreme environments. (Tardigrades are also said to be the first known animals to survive in outer space.) And what can be more extreme than the gravity-defying work of expert aerialists?

It's a high concept, but you needn't be a biology whiz to enjoy the antics of Evans and his fellow clown, Molly Plunk, who serve as our tour guides. And if you have youngsters intrigued by the possibilities of circus arts, this show's generous use of the Actors Gymnasium's ridiculously gifted youth ensemble should seal the deal.

Click here to read the full review on the Chicago Tribune

See the show through March 22 at the Actors Gymnasium, Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes St., Evanston; $20 at 847-328-2795 or