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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Evanston Stylewatch: Ebony rocks leg warmers!

This young lady is probably one of the best dressed Evanstonians I've seen since moving to this fine city. It's not just the matching above the boot leg warmers and handbag or the crazy fun vintage frames that caught my eye. Ebony was more than willing to strike a pose outside of the library for some lady with a smart phone who claimed she took fashion photos! Thanks Ebony, you made the world a more beautiful place that day and this blog too!


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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This Sunday: On Site: Putting Dance on Map

Evanston Dance Ensemble’s Dance on the Map performances take place at various downtown locations Oct. 6 & Nov. 3. Photo by Matt Glavin.
Sunday, Oct. 6 & Nov. 3 – On Site: Putting Dance on Map
2:00 p.m., various locations around Raymond Park, Chicago Avenue and Lake Street
Eight dance companies have announced plans to honor the city’s anniversary with a “moveable feast” of dance on two afternoons this fall. On Site: Putting Dance on the Map, which is being curated by the Evanston Dance Ensemble (EDE), features professional groups of dancers performing free public dance events in locations all over downtown Evanston on two Sundays this fall – October 6 and November 3. Each program features five of the companies performing an original dance piece created for a specific location in Evanston, and each performance site will be within walking distance of each other. Dance companies include Elements Contemporary Ballet, enidsmith dance, Cartier Collective, Be the Groove, The Leopold Group, Striding Lion Performance Group and Lake Dance. For more information visit the Evanston Dance Ensemble.