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Friday, January 27, 2017

The Lisa D Show is Back!

Hello Evanston Newbie Blog that I haven't posted on in forever, here's what I'm up to these days. Hope you are all doing fabulous!

Since 2011 I've been "radio silent" and not doing anything in front of a microphone. Today I am excited to announce that "The Lisa D Show" is BACK in the form of a weekly podcast. 

For those of you meeting me for the first time, I'm a former radio talk show host. My work as a radio personality in El Paso, Texas, from 2005- 2011, was beyond enjoyable and rewarding; I was paid to talk to humans for 1-3 hours a day on live, call-in radio. My radio shows took many forms; political talk show host on a call-in station, lifestyle talk radio host for "Charlando con La Gringa" (translation: chit chat with the white girl) on airwaves out of Juarez, Mexico, and host of "The Lisa D Show" a weekday call-in talk radio show featuring guest interviews and cultural news of the day. "The Lisa D Show" was my longest run as a talk radio show host, honoring me with a slick logo!

When my family left El Paso, TX, for Evanston, IL, in 2011, I had intentions of setting up shop on a new platform ... it took me 6 years! Thank you returning fans for waiting for my voice to reappear and welcome new fans to my podcast, "The Lisa D Show." You can look forward to conversations with creatives, roughly 20 minutes in duration, posted on a weekly basis. I believe creatives (of all kinds) make our planet a more connected, interesting and beautiful place to live. My energy and enthusiasm for my guests will be consistent, I don't invite guests whose work I don't admire. This podcast will 100% FOTP (Focus on the Positive) and isn't a criticism-based platform. Don't be afraid to request to be on the show, email me at

"The Lisa D Show" will be recorded in a former Polish Grocery Store at 1100 Florence Ave. in Evanston, IL. We welcome a live audience and will announce podcast recordings and guests using Facebook Live so you can stop by and see the podcast in action.

We will post new podcasts on or you can listen on Sound Cloud

Before I forget I want to thank my supportive husband Dave Ford for nudging this project along and helping get me back in front of a microphone. Dave is very familiar with my love of conversating and thinks I do it very well, his enthusiasm is much appreciated!