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Friday, March 20, 2015

Evanston Therapist Steph Myers on What Happens in Therapy

For those of you curious about what happens in therapy, Steph Meyers writes a funny, smart and candid piece in Chicago Now on what really happens - and it's just like on TV! 

Full disclosure Meyers is a personal friend of mine (our children are in school together) and I've always known her to be smart and funny but I didn't know much about her career. In this piece you'll learn what it's like to attend therapy and decide if it's for you. I've asked Steph to be my therapist just so I could spend more time with her and work through my "mommy issues" but she doesn't see/help/work for friends - it's very possible I might become her enemy just to hire her!

I know this blog isn't an Angie's List but it's meant to highlight the best I see in Evanston and Steph Meyers is one of the best!

What do you do? by Steph Meyers

"I'm a therapist." That's the party-mannered answer to "what do you do?" Sometimes I get a bug-eyed response as they slink away. Sometimes I see the slight look of fear sweep across their face as they find someone else to chat up. Still others have asked "are you analyzing me right now?" Sometimes they are persistent that I must be analyzing people all of the time. I wasn’t and I don’t...until you said that, actually. Now I might be wondering if you are a narcissist. I'm kidding. Maybe. The truth is, I’m not working all of the time.
It is true that I do hear lots of stories, none of which I can tell you because what a client tells me is confidential. But I'm not being intriguing when I say that I can't really talk about client stuff. And I'm not trying to get you interested in the details, I promise. I am but a keeper of secrets--unless, of course, the secrets mean you are a danger to yourself or others. Those are not secrets I keep. Those are secrets that are shared with the right people who can help ensure safety. Nope, I won’t be able to tell you about the last time that happened, either (which isn’t very often).
Yes, you can tell me about your uncle/cousin/kid/aunt/neighbor/cat and the weird/funny/bizarre/mean thing that they did. I can't really tell you what is wrong with them based on the info shared since I've never met them and I don't catalog and diagnose what is wrong with people on the fly. There really isn't a "if screaming raging person, then this is what's wrong with them" scenario in the psychology world. That said, though, I really like stories about people. I'm naturally curious and want to understand as much as possible about human nature, what makes people do things, make the choices they do, form relationships, pursue interests, etc. So, I soak up these character exposés as they provide as much insight into the people telling the stories as whom they are about.

Vote: Evanston is the most lovable city in the World!

You can help the City of Evanston be named the most lovable city in the world. You do not need to be an Evanston resident to participate!

The City of Evanston is pleased to announce that it has been selected to represent the United States as the 2015 Earth Hour City Capital in World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Earth Hour City Challenge. The competition’s eleven-member jury composed of renowned leaders in urban sustainability noted Evanston’s impressive commitment and demonstrable progress toward fighting climate change.
However, Evanston still needs YOUR help to win the We Love Cities Campaign!Community members are still encouraged to vote daily for Evanston in the We Love Cities Competition through Friday, March 27 at
You do not need to live in Evanston to participate!
From City of Evanston website:
The City of Evanston is proud to announce that it has been selected as a finalist to represent the United States in the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Earth Hour City Challenge, along with Cleveland and Seattle. This year’s challenge encompasses over 40 local governments from countries across the globe, including France, Singapore, South Africa, and Brazil, and focuses on the promotion of renewable energy.
As the international panel of experts in climate policy and sustainable development decide who will move forward in the competition, the WWF has launched an eight-week “We Love Cities” campaign, beginning today, January 26 through Friday, March 27, encouraging community members from each contending location to get involved in the voting process and show the world how much they love their city and why.
To help Evanston’s bid to win, community members are asked to:
  • Visit to vote and provide feedback on ways Evanston can become more sustainable;
  • Follow and tweet @GreenEvanston using the hashtag #WeLoveEvanston;
  • Follow and tag @CityofEvanston on Instagram to share photos of your favorite Evanston places, “green ideas,” and more using the hashtag#WeLoveEvanston.
Each time a person votes, tweets, Instagrams and/or shares their suggestions, Evanston becomes one step closer to becoming the world’s most loved city.
Voting on the website is limited to once per person, per day, per city. However, community members are allowed to share multiple suggestions per day, along with #WeLoveEvanston submissions via Twitter and Instagram. Please note that all Twitter and Instagram profiles must be public in order for votes to count.
Community members can sign up to receive daily text and/or email reminders to vote by joining the City's "We Love Evanston" notification list
For more information about the “We Love Cities” campaign, please or call Sustainability Manager Catherine Hurley at 847-448-4311. For convenience, residents in Evanston can simply dial 3-1-1.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Evanston has 10th best downtown in America

It's so obvious why locals Love Evanston, but now the rest of the world is beginning to wake up to how amazing of a city it is! Thanks to Annie Coakley of Downtown Evanston, the City of Evanston and this fantastic blog, we are on the list of 10 Best Downtowns in America!


Downtown Evanston, Ill., attracts a high percentage of those in the so called “creative class.” This includes artists, engineers, technology experts and researchers. It’s easy to see the appeal Evanston has. Located near Northwestern University, and within view of Lake Michigan, downtown Evanston offers a highly walkable environment that’s loaded with entertainment options and thriving businesses. The mix of urban sophistication and suburban relaxation, along with social and economic diversity found in downtown Evanston make it a Top 10 Best Downtown.

Evanston’s downtown distinguishes it from the typical Chicago suburbs. A mix of contemporary condo buildings and post-modern office buildings create an appealing skyline. A high concentration of cultural attractions like theaters, music venues and bars draw people downtown. Three public transportation options, including light rail, and ample, inexpensive parking make getting in and out of downtown Evanston easy. More than 10,000 people work in downtown Evanston, which has seen the addition of nearly 1,200 new condominium units since 2000. More than 38 percent of downtown residents hold graduate or postgraduate degrees.

More than 25 galleries, museums, concert halls and museums in downtown Evanston provide a rich cultural scene. Nearly 100 cafes and restaurants provide diners with everything from grab-and-go lunches to elegant five-course meals in historic buildings or al fresco at quaint cafés. Brian Huston, chef at popular Boltwood restaurant in Evanston, was recently nominated for a James Beard Award. Nearby beaches on Lake Michigan, paved trails, and a collection of parks give residents plenty of opportunity to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

From the Archives: I am Worthy of a City like Evanston

City to Host Fountain Square Renovation Project Open House March 10

The City of Evanston will host an open house public meeting on Tuesday, March 10 to present initial concept designs for planned improvements at Fountain Square.
The meeting will take place at the Shops at Sherman Plaza, located at 1614 Sherman Ave., and will include an open house/concept viewing from 6 p.m. to 6:45 p.m., followed by a presentation and community discussion from 6:45 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Representatives from Teska Associates and City staff will present information on:
  • Public outreach efforts and community feedback
  • Initial concept designs, including a personal preference exercise
  • Next steps in the design process
The goal of the meeting is to gather community input regarding initial concept designs for the renovation project and establish overall design preferences.
For information and project updates, please visit or call/text 847-448-4311. For convenience, residents may simply dial 3-1-1 in Evanston.
The City is planning to renovate and improve Fountain Square Plaza. This area includes Sherman Plaza; Sherman Avenue, between Church and Davis Streets; and adjacent landscape areas. While certain plaza functions will remain, such as the Veterans Memorial and a fountain, the City has been gathering your thoughts on what additional amenities and activities you would like to see accommodated in the area.