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Thursday, December 31, 2015

What a Year It's Been! What a Year It Will Be!

Hi Everyone,

This is the ONLY blog post I will publish in the month of December, which is totally illegal, I should never go radio silent for that long. BUT it's been a really busy year and I've got projects that have consumed me in fantastic ways.

As you know, I'm a gypsy by nature, lover of shiny keys and all things new, so I'm very aware of cities and what they offer - Evanston so far has offered me the moon and I'm so grateful.

When we moved here in 2011, I told my husband Dave Ford it would take us five years to rebuild our lives - financially, socially, etc. - after moving from El Paso, Texas. Summer of 2016 is our 5-year anniversary, stay tuned.

Here is what I managed to create in terms of "the life I wanted in Evanston" in 2015:

1. Evanston's annual Open Studio Artist Tour will celebrate its 3rd year anniversary and will get a new name so we can stop confusing the annual event with the non-profit Open Studio Project! Stay tuned.

2. My new role at Evanston Magazine as Editor-at-Large, requires great story ideas for each issue that help tell Evanston's unique story. Send ideas to

3. My new role as Engagement Director at Hackstudio, requires I help grow a successful new endeavor in this market and I'm so inspired to do so. Hackstudio's focus is to help people connect with who they are and connect who they are with the world! 

4. I'm proud to be the returning Evanston Arts Council Co-Chair with my colleague in the arts, Dino Robinson. Join us and get the arts funded and celebrated in Evanston!

Additionally, I will continue to work on raising smart and giving citizens of the world (Miles & Louie) and providing shelter for ONE angry bunny. 

Thank you for your continued support and love for all my endeavors. Let me know if we can work together in any of these buckets!

Happy New Year, y'all!