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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Public Art Installation Pays Tribute to Evanston

Community members are encouraged to view Evanston’s latest public art installation, “Geocommunetrics: An Intersection of Evanstons,” on the corner of Davis St. and Oak Ave., where a major fire took place in December 2013. Over the next two weeks, local artists will work with the designer Jason Brown, also known as "The Zip Code Kid" (TZCK), to complete the art display paying tribute to the three Evanston zip codes: 60201, 60202 and 60203.

The Evanston Arts Council brought this idea to life to provide a unique way to challenge perceptions on the use of empty lot space. This display aims to showcase how all public areas can be transformed into a point of interest through art, even during a business’s development stage.

The plaid-based design will be woven based on the numbers in the zip codes and will include the following colors: brown, for land, representing 60201; blue, for Lake Michigan, representing 60202; green, for wilderness, representing 60203; and orange, which serves as the common thread that weaves our community together.

Once completed, the mural will be on display for the general public until the development at Davis St and Oak Ave. is completed in 2015. To view similar designs, please visit

For more information on the mural, please contact Cultural Arts Coordinator Jennifer Lasik at 847-859-7835.

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