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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Today at Naf Naf Grill in Evanston: Humans Stand in Line in 30 Degree Weather, get Free Tee Shirt and Food

This is my third winter in Evanston and I am still consistently impressed (often blown away) with the absolute and total disregard the locals seem to have for weather. Today's high was 34 degrees and people were strolling about town without hats or bedspreads!

Pictured here are a bunch of people standing in line in today's frigid weather waiting for a free tee shirt and falafel which Naf Naf Grill was giving away until they ran out in celebration of their grand opening. And people waited in line, in really cold weather and no one was mad about it, of course except for me! I couldn't wait in line and instead snapped a photo and ran to the nearest furnace.

So Naf Naf Grill opened today in Downtown Evanston and everyone is really excited because the food is supposed to be amazing - hence the locations all over Chicagoland. I'll try it soon and get back to you, but there was no way I was going to stand in that line! Mad props to all you crazies who did!

Naf Naf Grill is an award winning Chicago Mediterranean Restaurant. 


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