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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Graffiti I Love: The Guy Who Cares Sighting

Thanks to Stanislav a "Chicago Twentysomething Arthouse Phony" (check out his Tumblr page at I've got another Guy Who Loves photo to share with you! This one was sighted recently, here's the full report from Stanislav: I was just walking through downtown Evanston and spotted what I think is a brand new Guy Who Cares piece. I'm in the neighborhood almost every week, and pretty familiar with the artist's style, so I'm sure I would have noticed the tile if it was up before.

Thanks for the pic Stansilav!

If you see more of this work around town, take a quick picture on your cell or camera and email the image to me at Thanks!

Click here for background on this artist and his tags in Evanston.

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