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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Postcards: Pancho Villa rides into town, Jacques receives his first postcard and the intellect of babies

So now we are going to enter the phase of babies and pets who received my postcard collection. We had Gus pose with Jesus a few weeks ago (click here to see sad Gus) and now I've got several babies and a cat to add to the collection.

The baby photographed here is holding a very vintage, sepia toned, Pancho Villa postcard. In the image Villa is riding a horse with some bandit friends about to attack the town of Columbus, NM, one of the first invasions on American soil. The postcard was sent to a friend in El Paso, also on the Mexico/U.S. border and a Mexican Revolution hang out for Villa and his gang.

This baby has no concept of war, the struggle of the U.S./Mexico border or life as a bandit - all he knows is baby food and possibly the smell of his mother! Wouldn't it be wonderful if for 57 minutes a day, just under an hour, your brain could only think of food and no other cares or worries? That's how amazing it is to be a baby, carefree and focused on food! Don't be jealous of Baby Jacques!

I will post more cute baby and pet photos of the postcards as they become available.

Click here to read more info about my postcard collection and all the exciting plans I have for its distribution.

P.S. I named this baby Jacques on this post in order to protect his identity and the identity of his celebrity parents!


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