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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun Fact: The inventor of Tinker Toys, Robert Pettit, is from Evanston

I recently became a volunteer at the Evanston History Center and am learning all kinds of awesome and fun facts about my new hometown. For instance, the inventor of Tinker Toys, Robert Pettit, is from Evanston! I think that is so great and so will my children as we love Tinker Toys.

Below is a very cool video of all the different things you can build out of Tinker Toys. From the Evanston History Museum website: This digitized film is part of the Pettit Family Film Collection housed at the Evanston History Center. The films were made in the 1920-1940s by Robert Pettit, Vice President of Toy Tinkers Company, headquartered in Evanston, IL. Pettit filmed his family and friends, trips and events, and documented his company's various products. The Pettit Family films were donated to the Evanston History Center in the 1960s; in 2008, we began transferring the films to digital format. To learn more, visit the "contact us" page at:


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  1. Totally true! The original building was at the corner of Greenwood & Elmwood. We discovered this when Danny did his "Evanston History" project on Mr. Pettit and the evolution of Tinker Toys. How cool is that?