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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10,000 Neighbors of Evanston Promotes Community Sustainability

From the City of Evanston website:

The City of Evanston and Citizen's Greener Evanston invite you to join 10,000 neighbors who are emphasizing the ‘us’ in sustainable. We hope you will actively participate, connect and share with others as we strive to have a healthy environmental and social impact on our local community.

OhSoWe is about the personal and neighborhood level things we can do to safely build bonds with our neighbors, save money, and increase our quality of life while making our neighborhoods better (and saving the Earth’s resources). OhSoWe is focused on helping us all re-discover the things we can do with our neighbors. OhSoWe can share a meal with a neighbor, OhSoWe can easily borrow the things from our neighbors, OhSoWe can organize a block party simply and easily.

You can join any of the groups that interest you:
CGE Energy Efficiency
CGE Community Education
CGE Integrated Transportation
CGE Collaborative Community
CGE Renewable Energy

Visit to join today!

This program was started by the Citizens' Greener Evanston, an organization that works to improve the community's capacity to act in a sustainable manner by addressing environmental, economic, and social equity goals. Visit for more information on how you can make Evanston a greener city.

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