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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Postcards: Molly brings in friends, Flamingos and an Airstream to celebrate postcard arrival

Everyone who has received a postcard has sent me a photo via email of the postcard upon arrival. Most recently my friend Molly sent a photo of her postcard while she was in Austin at the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems with her friends Lindsay and Eric. (Molly is holding the postcard.) My only request is that people email me a photo of themselves (or dog or baby) with the postcard and I love the effort I'm getting.

I will post photos of the postcards as they become available.

In a world where friendship is so virtual (Facebook) and communication is so sterile (texting) I wanted to use our move to Evanston as an opportunity to reach out to friends and really check in. Sending postcards feels so much deeper than a Holiday card. Granted the first round of cards that went out only totaled 7, my plan is to get rid of all the postcards in the collection which is around 150. Do I have 150 friends' addresses? No, I'll have to work on that and enter the addresses in an old school address book. Do I have 150 friends? According to Facebook I have many, many more.

Here is a slide show of the postcards sent in round #1 and the images I've received back from postcard recipients.

Click here to read more about my amazing postcard project.


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