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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Postcards: Announcing our new address while throwing the U.S. Postal Service a bone all thanks to an ugly divorce and cross country move

My friend went through an ugly divorce and gave away items that reminded him of his ex-wife, many of the items now decorate our walls and spin on our record player. In addition to records, butterfly collections and art, we scored a postcard collection housed in a Romeo y Julieta cigar box. Most of the postcards in the collection are from European castles and Norwegian landscapes, he didn't explain the collection, but it's all very random and eclectic.

One theme in the collection is 3D postcards all printed in Tokyo, Japan, and purchased at the Asahi Trading CO. N.Y.C. There are seven total, and some of the them reveal images in the background if you move the postcard from side to side. For instance, a bull rips off the dress of the Spanish dancer, revealing a bare chested woman looking quite surprised! (My grandfather Guido Degliantoni, a collector of dirty old man stuff, would have loved it.)

In our recent move to Evanston, we had the chance to touch everything we owned and decide if it was worth packing in a Penske Truck and moving across the country to our new home. We made room for the postcard collection and will use it to announce our new mailing address. Announcing our new mailing address using such an antiquated medium will hopefully encourage our friends to use the postal service, which could use the love.


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