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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slide Show: Images of fall in Evanston, IL

This is going to be my first fall in Evanston, IL, and my first official fall in 10 years. Not that El Paso didn't have fall, but the Chihuahuan Desert is not known for its big trees. I'm using this photo album to document how summer ends and fall begins and to show you how I survive the changing of the seasons. Fall officially begins on September 23, so this album is starting just in time!

I will keep this album updated as the season progresses so check back to see more colors as it's still early in the season.

P.S. The heart-shaped leaf above is not fake, I really found it walking along Dempster Beach.


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  1. The heart-shaped leaf is from a Ginko tree. The leaves can be much more heart shaped than the one you found! Beware-Ginko trees come in male and female varieties. A female tree produces fruits that fall to the ground and can smell really horrible.

    I'm enjoying your blog. I moved here 7 years ago and I think we share a similar enthusiasm for discovering Evanston and Chicago.