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Monday, September 12, 2011

Wildlife Sighting #4: Mr. Fox, Dempster St., 6 p.m.

This is the FOURTH fox sighting since my move to Evanston (June 2011), all of which have occurred within 50 feet of my home. My friend Maura says it's the same fox, four times, but this fox looks much skinner than all the rest and therefore I am claiming FOUR independent sightings. I realize my wildlife photography is terrible, but I was chasing this one down with my cell phone camera while three children were trailing behind me trying to scare the fox away from me and my camera - yet another reason I should have seriously really considered having kids.

Considering there are tons of little brown bunnies hopping all over Evanston, the food supply here is perfect for foxes and I expect to see many more. I will keep you posted of any other wildlife I run into and promise to strive for better photos.


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  1. We just saw the fox too today! It was walking on the sidewalk like it was a person.

  2. And the foxes must feast on bunnies all spring and summer and fall, seeing as I see 100 bunnies for every fox. "Walking on the sidewalk like a person"! I love it.