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Friday, November 18, 2011

Evanston Style Watch: Is this the kind of hat I'll have to wear this winter in order to stay warm?

So I was at my favorite bar last night (11.16.11: Bad news, my new favorite bar is 2.5 blocks from my house) and I ran into this cute young mom with some kind of dead raccoon on her head. Silly me, turns out it's a hat and if you don't want your head to freeze into a block of ice and fall off your shoulders this winter, you have to wear this hat.

Now, we all have our fashion insecurities (for instance I don't weather leather or denim, I am not hot or thin enough to pull off those fabrics with confidence) but when it's 20 below, you have to wear some stuff that might not make you look that hot. But this hat? I don't think I can wear this hat no matter how cold it gets.

Good for this girl that she looks this cute in that hat!

Below are several other images from my Evanston Style Watch project where I shoot inspiring or interesting street fashion. As you can tell with 3 images in the slide show, it's a slow project, but I'm determined to track down Evanston's best in street fashion.


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