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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shop Evanston: NeighborWood cutting boards from urban growth timber

A friend of mine recently sent a list of great holiday shopping ideas and I will share them all with you, starting with NeighborWood. The story for this company is so cool, I'm copy and pasting it from the website for your to read as I will do not justice in the retelling:

NeighborWood: Sustainable wood products from Urban Growth Timber

NeighborWood has your answer, or at least for Chicago and the surrounding areas. These guys not only have a hilarious company name, but the genius idea of partnering with local municipalities, which must constantly clear trees that are in danger of falling. NeighborWood puts the felled timbre to good use, and converts it into a variety of cutting boards, and get this, a grill scraper that customizes its edge to your grill.

It’s great to see that Wilco is now the 2nd best thing to come out of Chicago, behind NeighborWood.

Order a cutting board today at

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