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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bad news, my new favorite bar is 2.5 blocks from my house

How did I get so lucky? I mean it's not enough that my new city is gorgeous, sits on a massively gorgeous beach, has amazing people but it also has a very cool bar with affordable drinks and delicious organic food?

Last night my neighbor/new friend Magee took me out to Union to introduce me to the joint and it was a fantastic experience. The cider pictured above was $9 and poured 3 6oz. glasses. We ordered the bruschetta which is served with kale and white beans, poured over toasted French bread and doused in garlic - divine. We sat at the bar and received impeccable service, with the bartender cleaning up after our every messy move but not in an invasive way.

Our friend's are visiting from Brooklyn this Thanksgiving weekend and we will definitely be sure to take them here for dinner. There's also a performance venue in the back, SPACE, where I saw The Story Pirates recently and that venue is intimate, dark and great for a show.

See you at Union!

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  1. Welcome to Evanston - I'm so glad you like our place! I have some more bad news for you, though.....we're adding more new beers and addictive cocktails in January! My new favorite drink: El Picosa with Few gin, jalepenos & basil.

  2. This night still makes me laugh...well, i guess the day after does, ha haha. Union/Space is srsly the bomb!