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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Evanston Newbie readers weigh in on the Evanston Thrift Stores

As you know I've got a hankering to visit a good Thrift Store most days of the year and my good friend and Evanston Ambassador Jodi "The Fox" Glenn has sent me a list of thrift stores in Evanston to check out. For organizational purposes I'm posting the list here and will post reviews after I find the time to check out the store.

-ORT Resale 915 Chicago Ave (across the street from JL, and right by amazing Greek place called Cross Rhodes – try their Greek chicken & potatoes. You’ll weep.)

-Hit or miss, but people swear by the Unique thrift shop next to Dollar Tree at Dodge & Howard. (You may have heard people refer to it as the “Unique Boutique.”) I have not had luck there, but the Salvation Army shop on Oakton in Skokie is pretty decent.

-There is a delightful little vintage shop on Chicago Ave just around the corner from us – can’t remember the name – but it’s on the east side of the street, south of Hamilton. The owners’ cats hang out at the store. My mom just scored a truly mod yellow dress and chain belt for a 60s party she’s going to on Saturday, and I haunt the place for vintage handkerchiefs (something I always like to give a bride when I do a wedding) and funky purses.

-OOOOH – field trip --- you MUST go to Lost Eras, at 1511 W. Howard Street. Prepare to lose HOURS. We used to rent costumes & props from them years ago when they were in the city. You can buy or rent almost anything there, and just browsing is the most fun. Beware the basement – incredible store of vintage clothing, furnishings and accessories, but you’ve got to duck a lot or you’ll whack your head on things.

-The Unique thrift stores throughout Chicago again are hit or miss but you can find extraordinary things if you’re patient. I ducked into one on the near northwest side when I was early for an appointment, and scored Jacob’s suit and tie for Halloween, which ended up looking truly dapper on him. They also had a really impressive collection of men’s leather coats.

Thank you Jodi! Know of any thrift stores I need to add to the list? Email me at


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