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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wildlife Sighting: Wood Duck on Hinman

Just a few days ago around 2 p.m. I was walking with my new friend Meg down Hinman Avenue in Evanston and I spotted this strange looking duck with several other ducks. (This is a photo from the world wide web and not a photo of the real duck I saw which I will explain in just a second.) Shocked I said to Meg "what the heck kind of duck is that?!" Meg said "that's a wood duck and they are very rare."

Of course I got really excited, made a bunch of exclamations and made a total racket grabbing my camera/cell phone out of my bag to capture the wood duck on camera (from 3 feet away) and just as I got ready to shoot a photo, the wood duck and his/her 4 duck friends took flight. Rats, I stink at birding as I'm just so loud!

This is my first wood duck sighting in Evanston and I'm excited to add another bird to my list of local birds I've seen since moving here. Maybe my friends at Evanston North Shore Bird Club will be able to tell me where I can find more wood ducks!


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