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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summer guests are coming to Evanston in droves! Where do they stay?

Help! I've got guests showing up in Evanston throughout the summer months and I need good recommendations for affordable places to stay within 10-minutes walking distance from the beach! Is this too much to ask?

Below is a list of places I've managed to put together given my demanding parameters, what can I add to the list? Either comment here or email me directly at And also, feel free to post your thoughts on the hotels below, I've never stayed at any of them!

My old standby is a total bust as there are only two places listed to rent in Evanston! Booo.

The Homestead Evanston
1625 Hinman Ave, 60201 Evanston

The Margarita European Inn
1566 Oak Avenue, IL 60201

Best Western University Plaza
1501 Sherman Avenue, IL 60201


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  1. Don't send your friends to the best western!!! My family stayed there and it's a DUMP! :/

  2. Thanks for that! It looks like a dump on the outside and I cannot believe that in a college town, there are no cool/affordable lodging options in Downtown Evanston! Maybe I should look into what Northwestern recommends to their visitors.