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Thursday, June 6, 2013

If Your House Were On Fire, What Would You Take?

Yesterday my friend Julia IM'd me to tell me the house across the street from my apartment was on fire. My stomach dropped immediately, as we have friends across the street. After securing the exact location of the fire, I established that our friends were safe, but two families and their pets would be displaced.

By the time I got home from work, the street was totally blocked off with more than 10 emergency vehicles and with crime scene tape blocking the sidewalks around the burnt building. Fire investigators were working on establishing the cause of the fire. The building damage from the fire  is extensive and I can see all of this from my living room window.

Witnessing accidents always makes me take stock of what I have and yesterday I found myself looking around my apartment scanning items that I would grab if my house was on fire. Photo albums is all I could think of but I have no idea where any of them are. I guess I would grab Ella the bunny and run.

Foster Huntington, a blogger/traveler/designer, has been collecting images of what people would take in a fire on his tumblr You can submit a photo and list of what you'd take and Huntington will post it on the site. Below is Noah's photo of what he would take. What would you take?


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  1. I always have my must-haves in a small bag, so I’ll probably grab that if a fire happens to start in our house (hopefully, never). The bag has my passport, a bit of spare cash and some change of clothes, just in case I needed to go somewhere for an emergency. But I guess it also works for this situation.