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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blog on Blog Love: Evanston Newbie featured on Refuse the Juice

"I used to be a radio talk show host" is a phrase that comes out of my mouth a lot these days (sigh) and one new Evanston friend recently confessed she thought I was "telling a story" when I told her that (thanks for believing in me, Kindon). Well that "story" is true and I used to be a host with a guy by the name of David K, a funny Republican.

Both David K and I left El Paso in 2011 (he moved to Washington DC to dabble in politics, I moved to Evanston to eat my way through Chicago) and sometimes we blog about our old stomping ground El Paso, he focuses on the political scene and I just whine about missing old friends.

Recently we both found ourselves getting snarky about Norma Chavez's blog. Chavez is a former El Paso elected official (a term equivalent to scout troop leader in El Paso as it's pretty easy to get elected to office in a town where less than 6% of the population votes), turned blogger and reading her blog and watching her career transition has been too fun to resist. Most recently David featured a review of Chavez's new blog, offering her tips on how to drive traffic to her site. What did he give me and my blog? Nothing! So I complained and David K finally featured ME and "Evanston Newbie" on his blog! My traffic is going to go through the roof! Thanks old buddy.

Click here to read the post and give yourself ample time to read it as he really gushes!

Mostly I'm grateful to David K for giving me the window in which to write "Blog on Blog Love" as a headline, it pretty much beats out all other phrases I've developed this week to include "website bling".

I miss you David K, but not that way!


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