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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Work in Downtown Evanston!

I'm leaving current role at Acquirent and the position needs to be filled ASAP. Great location in Dowtown Evanston, full benefits, fun and collaborative work environment. 

Please share with your network and send your resume to

Job Description: Sales Operations

This position reports to the three partners at Acquirent, a sales outsourcing company headquartered in Evanston, IL. Acquirent is a friendly and collaborative work environment best known for its morning meetings, fast-paced sales environment and accessible management team. The Sales Operations Manager is responsible for the duties below;

New Business
·         Contact and follow up with all New Business inquiries that come in through and the new business phone line
·         Check New Business phone extension for new inquiries 
·         Create Proposals and Contracts
·         Provide research on companies
·         Support teammates with new clients  visits

·         Social Media Highlights (Facebook, Twitter)
·         Marketing materials updates
·         Glass Door, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr
·         Website, Newsletter, Blog

·         Manage Day One Orientation
·         Manage on/offboarding process
·         Facilitate HR projects/process

·         Take notes during meetings
·         Compose and prepare confidential reports and correspondence
·         Responsible for project management and keeping partners on track
·         Handle confidential and non-routine information applying extreme confidentiality and sensitivity in the dissemination of this information, i.e. 
·         Work with CEO on community-facing initiatives
·         Support internal all-company events and assume responsibility for these events resulting in efficiency and appropriate planning, i.e. All Company meetings
·         Support members of the management team and others across the company on special and recurring projects, i.e. ACQU Training
·         Check all general phone extensions twice a week to make sure we have responded to all voicemails

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