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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Transgender Visibility in Evanston

Surely Ryan Seacrest must be more than just the highest paid producer in Hollywood, he must also be trying to raise the conversation in America on transgender issues to be a conversation of acceptance and understanding given his recent television productions dealing with the reality of living through the transgender transition.

And interestingly enough, one of his projects is set in uber-liberal-Evanston, Becoming Us debuted last night in the same week the Vanity Fair "Call me Caitlyn" issue featuring Annie Liebovitz's photos of Cailtyn Jenner formerly Bruce Jenner.

“Becoming Us,” a docu-series featuring an Evanston teen and his family through transgender struggles, premieres Monday night at 8 p.m. central time on ABC Family.
The 10-episode series from Ryan Seacrest Productions features Ben Lehwald, a 17-year-old Evanston boy and his family as they go through the changes involved with his father, Charlie transitioning into a woman, Carly. The series, which will conclude this summer, will also focus on Ben’s then-girlfriend Danielle Molnar, of Libertyville, whose parent is undergoing a similar transition.

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