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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Say Yes!

In the last two months several exciting invitations have come from projects and people I am thrilled to have said "yes" to.

The Hackstudio partners invited me to join their team as the Engagement Director where I will help kids learn to success by being who they are. In celebration my husband make me a cake of the Hackstudio logo, see photo above. Visit the website to learn more
Then the publisher of Evanston Magazine invited me to be the Editor-at-Large of their new magazine, tasking me with covering all there is to celebrate in Evanston. And readers of this blog will know I'm really good at that because I'm in LOVE with Evanston. Visit the website to learn more and get your copy at Chicago-Main Newsstand on Chicago & Main Ave.

For those of you who are following the Evanston Arts Tribe I am leading, don't worry, these new projects won't derail my work in the arts. Open Studios Evanston takes place on June 4, 2016. Send ideas for a new name to

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