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Monday, April 8, 2013

Smallest bar in Evanston (possibly the planet) is now on my list of favorite bars and it's .7 miles from my house!

“I love sitting at the bar, you always meet the greatest people!” That’s what Dan said right before he picked up his guitar and ran out the door to do open mic night at the coffee shop on the corner.

For months I’ve been told to go and have a cocktail at The Alcove on Main Street across from Oceanique. It’s tiny with only four seats at the bar and two tables – totaling 400 square feet. It’s the type of place where you better like the bartender or the people sitting next to you or your visit will be ruined.

This past weekend we finally had time to spare and went for the first time – lucky for us two seats were available at the bar and the owner was there! My husband ordered the beer on tap which rotates and I ordered the signature drink, the Manhattan.

I ordered the Manhattan for several reasons - I love cocktails and the place has a very French vibe (décor and music) and my grandmother Louise (from France) would always keep a pitcher of Manhattans in her fridge. I also like to order the signature cocktail at a bar as chances are A. it’s the best thing in the house and B. it helps the bartender like you more if you like their signature drink.

The Manhattan was divine and although I could have had several more, I followed it up with a delicious Champagne and St. Germaine cocktail that I will be serving at my next brunch. Who knew Champagne went so well with elderberry liquer?

According to Evanston Now, Scott Bradley, the owner, loves the tiny size because it invites intimate conversation. And during our short stay we met everyone in the place! It turns out Dan went to Chico State at the same time my sister did; smallest world ever!

Be sure to check it out next time you’re in Evanston looking for a fabulous bar. Outdoor seating is available as it gets warmer, there is food to include salad and Panini and it’s only one block below the Main Street Metra and CTA stops. Note – it’s cash only!

The Alcove
512 Main Street
Evanston, IL 60202


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  1. Ah, I thought I smelled alcohol on Dan's breath when I plugged him in and announced his name before his set at our Open Mic at the corner coffee shop (Brothers K) :) Thanks for blogging about our favorite neighborhood spot! (Scott makes a perfect Cape Cod, too!)

  2. Thomas I will be blogging about Brothers K soon enough too! And that chocolate store, oh and Lucky Platter! Dan was so great to meet and next we'll be going to Open Mic night to hear him and the other talent sing!