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Monday, June 18, 2012

On the best Father's Day Ever and Edzo's Burgers of Evanston Opening up Shop in Chicago this Fall

This Father's Day was my husband's BEST father's day on record. He designed the entire day around meals (which is why I love him) and gave lots of wiggle room to the schedule so our stomachs could rest between meals. Most of the activities took place in Evanston (expect for the trip to Logan Hardware) and the day was excellent for those attending, ages 6-43 years old.

Father's Day 2012 Schedule of Events:

1. Breakfast on the back porch
2. Lunch at Edzo's
3. Logan Hardware
4. Hot Dogs at the Beach
5. NBA Play Offs

My favorite part of the day was going to Logan Hardware where if you patronize the gift shop, you get access to free old-school video games in the arcade the back. I replicated my high score from 6th grade on Millipede (46,000) and almost broke the two fingers I used for the firing mechanism given that I played the game for 35 minutes straight.

My husband and children's favorite part of the day was lunch at Edzo's where we all collectively ate our faces off (not because of some new type of LSD but because the food at Edzo's is insanely delicious). Hamburgers, truffle fries, corn dogs, pop and chocolate milkshakes were all in order and all served up to delicious perfection.

The owner Eddie Larken was working on Father's Day which surprised me but seeing how professional and friendly he is gave me the impression he loves to work and make people happy through burgers. Click here to learn more about Edzo's.

The burger was as good as everyone says and you should try it out if you haven't already. If you're a Chicagoan, you'll be happy to know Edzo's will open up shop this Fall at 2218 N Lincoln. Visit for the full story here.

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