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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Evanston Newbie Celebrates One Year Anniversary with a Truck Drawing!

As many of you know, this blog was created to track my family's move across the country (El Paso, TX, to Evanston, IL) and our first year in our new city, Evanston. The year is up as our official One Year Anniversary was June 10!

To say this move was a good one or has gone well is a massive understatement. So far the move has gone swimmingly - we love our children's new school, both my husband and I found work that is stimulating and pays well, the beach is two blocks from our house, Evanstonians rock as we've all made new friends...I'll stop there.

This past weekend we all celebrated the anniversary in our own special ways; My older son hosted his best friend from El Paso for a visit, my younger son had a play date at a new friend's house and made a backyard store, I had dinner at a new friend's house and my husband made a Truck Drawing from Chicago to Philadelphia.* (Gratuitous plug below.)

Thanks again for your readership and support of this blog. I'm still on the fence about what to do next as I'm really not a newbie anymore! I'll keep you posted and thank you for making our first anniversary such a happy one!

*Pictured above are the boys in the Penske Rental Truck before my husband hit the road. The Truck Drawing will be on display tonight at the 8th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show in Fulton Market in the Packer Schopf Gallery Truck. We'll all be wearing Penske tee shirts handing out flyers, so stop by and say "hello"! Visit to learn about the Truck Drawing project and my husband Dave Ford's work.

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