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Friday, June 15, 2012

Buy and Sell Books by the Pound at Market Fresh Books in Evanston

Evanstonians, I rely on you to tell me about all the fantastic places I need to seek out in this city and I'm very mad that NONE of you pointed out Market Fresh Books! Instead, I stumbled upon this gem all by myself after eating the BEST French meal of my life which I will blog about later.

At this tiny, cute, messy little bookstore, you can buy and sell used books, cds, magazines and more by the pound. How novel is that? (Pun intended.) The stack pictured above was purchased for about $25! Happy Birthday to me!

Store information below from the website:

Market Fresh Books 700 Church Street Evanston, IL

Books are $4.99/lb.

We sell USED BOOKS at a price you'll love! Come and explore our store and be pleasantly surprised. Conveniently located downtown we are a short walk from Northwestern's campus, the el & metra trains and perhaps your favorite restaurant! Once inside you will be amazed by the collection.


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  1. Why is the website or Market Books in Evanston"currently not available"?