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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

House for Sale: Move to Evanston and Live in the Sixteen Candles Movie Set

My kids are getting older and a little bit closer to being able to watch some of the classics like Jaws, Halloween, Sixteen Candles, etc.

We tried to watch Sixteen Candles the other night as a family but had to shut her down during the naked shower scene, not because of the naked lady but because of the dialogue about the sex the naked lady would later be having. I'm not explaining any of that to the kids yet.

I ended up watching Sixteen Candles later that night which is a shame because #1 I've seen it more than 10 times, more than 10 years ago and #2 I've seen like three movies in my life (Harold and Maude, Karate Kid and Das Boat!) and cannot waste valuable movie-watching time on repeat viewings. But really besides all that, the movie is fantastic, a total classic and Jake Ryan is still the HOTTEST man ever born on planet Earth.

The best part of the movie? Location, location, location! It's filmed around here on the Northshore of Chicago! And when I was walking to a friend's house this weekend, I couldn't help but be reminded every 15 feet how brilliant John Hughes was to film in such a lovely area.

The house pictured here is so Sixteen Candles to me and is for sale down on Forest Ave., just blocks from the lake. I'm sure it's a bajillion dollars but if you bought it and moved in you could be my neighbor and feel like you lived on the Sixteen Candles movie set every time you were home!


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