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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Creative Coworking Draws Downtown Evanston Lunch Map

I now work in Downtown Evanston (it's like I'm a newbie all over again)! I now can eat lunch at more than 35 restaurants, in walking distance from my desk. You gotta be kidding me!

Thanks to the team over at Creative Coworking anyone who rents their space gets this nifty map. Click here for the original source and visit to learn more about Creative Coworking.

I'm going to talk to my friend Paul in the Economic Development Offices at the City of Evanston about creating a Dining Passport Rewards program where people get points every time they dine at one of these places or something fun like that! And if Paul doesn't like that idea I'm going to talk to my other friend Carolyn at the Downtown Evanston offices! She'll probably point me to an App that already exists! I LOVE this town.

Happy Dining!


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