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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This Weekend: First Shared Streets comes to Dempster Street

The first Shared Streets will be held on historic Dempster Street at Chicago Avenue, in the heart of Evanston. From 12:00 to 5:00pm on Sunday, September 1st, all are invited to enjoy the street, free of charge, and free of motorized traffic. The route will feature two open blocks on Dempster Street, plus a car-free area on Sherman Place in front of the Dempster CTA  stop. 
The open space of the street is offered, but also flowers & greenery, snacks & water; music, art & dance, hula hooping, Zen chanting, tai chi & yoga; a children’s parade, cycling & walking tours, and plenty of community outreach. It is an argument for safe, healthy, sustainable transportation; and a reclamation of space and time for art and for community. We will demonstrate two hot topics: the street as a place, and the complete street. Bring your bike, skateboard, scooter, or just your own two feet, and let’s enjoy our public realm!
Participants and In-kind Donations:
About Us

Walk ‘n’ Roll is one of the ten project teams that emerged from the community-based Evanston150 visioning process in November of 2011. Our mission is to make Evanston safer and more enjoyable for walking and cycling. We have grown to a group of around 80 residents committed to making this wish a reality.
Our 2012 projects included a weekly staffed bike corral at the downtown farmers’ market, where we tagged and guarded dozens of bikes at any one time. We also pulled off Evanston’s first Park(ing) Day, which transformed two parking spaces at Main and Custer into a temporary people’s park. We argue before city council for pedestrian safety measures and better bike infrastructure. We promoted the EAC bike corral and the Davis Street protected bike lane, and won on both counts.
Check out and consider joining our online discussion group for all things related to better walking and biking in Evanston. Follow related postings from around the web on our Facebook page. We are always looking for new members and fresh ideas. 

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