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Monday, August 19, 2013

Beach glass for breakfast and the lies we tell children

Where there are waves, seagulls and sand there is a beach. But I meet people all the time who get annoyed that I call going to the beach, "going to the beach." They protest, "you should call it going to the lake." I love how silly humans can be to get caught up in an argument like that.

Here is a photo of the beach glass I collected the other morning at the beach. I am a beach comber, a collector, a scavenger - always with my butt up in the air, digging for treasure. What is NOT photographed is the dead seagull I found that had a brick smashed over its head. Poor seagull. "Why did he die?" my friend Luka asked me? She's only 4 so I told her the seagull died because he was a Grandpa Seagull and he was old.

See you at the beach.


  1. Poor seagull. The brutality that people can do to these harmless creatures is just unacceptable! I think telling a little bit of a white lie in a situation like this is better than telling the child about how the animal died.


  2. Wow! I love beach glass. And I guess those beach glasses you’ve found would surely make beautiful jewelries. Have you considered of turning them into jewelries?