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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Art Opening: Dave Ford (my husband), Hauling Graphite: Five Road Recordings at Packer Schopf Gallery

Granted this is a blog about my family's move from El Paso, TX, to Evanston, IL, every once in a while I go way off topic and post a non-Evanston event or food review. I'm dedicating today's post to my husband, visual artist Dave Ford. He's with Packer Schopf Gallery and has a show that opens this Friday that you really should try your best to attend. Below is why.

This Friday, 5-8p, at Packer Schopf Gallery on 942 W. Lake St., meet Dave Ford and see his Truck Drawings.
Dave Ford / Hauling Graphite: Five Road Recordings / graphite on paper
Lines accumulate as Ford drives a 12′ truck with 100 pencil-tipped water bottle pendulums dancing above the paper lined bed. On the road, he checks the drawing, often sharpening pencils, sometimes removing or adding a bottle depending on where he wants a specific quality of marks or textures. After fifteen years and several Truck Drawing projects later, ‘panels’ from separate trips will be shown together for the first time. The burst patterns created by the bottles as Ford drives across the country evoke a grace that simultaneously jars with the truck as medium and flows with the rhythm of travel.
5 Runs: Dallas to New York, El Paso to Falls Village, CT, San Francisco to Las Cruces, NM, Santa Fe to Chicago, and Chicago / Philadelphia round trip.

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