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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Roller Skating on Saturday Nights at Chandler Newberger

Pretty much the funnest thing in the world is roller skating in circles to really loud music and you can do that every Saturday night for $2 at Chandler Newberger gym in Evanston.

My son loved it so much he made flyers and passed them out to his class and plans to go roller skating every Saturday night for the rest of his life.


Thank you for reading my blog Evanston Newbie, a blog devoted to covering my family's move from El Paso, TX, to Evanston, IL, in 2011. We arrived in June 2011 and several people have pointed out that I am no longer a "newbie" and should start some other blog. But I disagree and want to keep the "newbie" status for a while longer, maybe five years and for several reasons. #1 - there are many Evanston families who have lived here for generations since the town incorporated in the late 1800s, so in comparison to them, I am very much a "newbie". #2 - I firmly believe this blog is a good branding tool for the city of Evanston and it's the least I can do to thank our new town for being so AWESOME! If you have any questions or need to get in touch with my about this blog, Evanston, or anything else you can email me at Have an awesome 2013.


  1. I knew there was ice skating in Evanston, but I did NOT know there was roller skating! So excited to know about this when it's too cold to do much of anything outside, thank you.

  2. Freda it is so fun! We'll totally be there this Saturday and of course after I posted this, my friend told me to take it down, "so no one else knows!" I have to share as my son said "It's too much fun!"