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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day from Evanston!

This photo was taken yesterday at the Hinman Street Block Party. Several families who live on the block invite a fire truck out to spray kids around 2 p.m. as part of the block party which consists of blocking off the street so about 25 children can run amok on bikes and swizzle sticks and scooters all day in the middle of the street. It's super casual and fun with parents bringing out big trays of watermelon and tubs of lemonade throughout the day.

We live around the corner, not on Hinman, but we got invited by one of the parents and totally said 'yes'! I spent the entire day, sitting on the curb, talking to neighbors, fixing bike chains, filling up cups of water, doing nothing really. And it was so great to spend the entire day outside. Once the sun set, one of the houses set up a screen in the front yard and showed Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Young Frankenstein. We stayed up until 11 p.m. watching movies and chatting.

I can't think of the last time I spent 12 hours outside! You should really try it sometime if you haven't done it.

Talking to one of the moms at the party, I told her that this summer has been one of the best of my life - the wine probably helped that conclusion - but as she asked me why and I heard myself defending the assertion (love Evanston, love the beach, kids were gone for three weeks, first time in a bikini (top) in years, etc.) I couldn't help but think it's because of you, lady! Evanston has welcomed my entire family with such kindness and open arms it's unbelievable. We've been invited to parties since the minute we landed and everyone is so nice! A new town full of parties and nice people - who wouldn't have the best summer of their life?

I am so grateful for so many things these days and hope you've all had an amazing summer too. May your Labor Day be restful and spent with fun people!

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