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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Eat this: Plum Kuchen from Bennison's Bakery

I recently purchased a plum kuchen from Bennison's Bakery for $9 and had it not been for the other people sitting around me when it came time to serve it up, I would have eaten the entire thing - all 9" of it (see below).

Plums are in season which means Bennison's is rolling out plum kuchens everyday for your eating enjoyment. It's a coffee cake type of treat, and if you slice it thin enough (see above), it's not too rich to enjoy with a cup of tea anytime of day.

I know it seems that I'm heavy on the Bennison's Bakery love on this blog, but I don't love every item they have, but the items they do have that I love, I really, really, really love. And I loved this plum kuchen.


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