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Friday, August 19, 2011

Score: $1 Ceramic Baking Dish

This morning I made my way on foot over the Jewel on Chicago Ave. and thought about how nice it is to be in flip flops on my way to the store as soon I’ll be in layers with boots. How lucky I am to live in a city where I can walk everywhere and have seasons to entertain me on those walks? Super lucky.

On my way home from the store there was a stoop/lawn sale outside my building, a young family was moving back to Germany and their possessions were neatly arranged on the grass for sale. I scored the ceramic baking dish pictured above for $1.

I love living in a city where life’s possessions regenerate themselves and become mine for a $1.

Tonight I will bake my children a chicken pot pie from scratch and use my new ceramic baking dish that I scored today, outside my front door, for one dollar.


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