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Monday, July 25, 2011

Yummy: Sea Ranch Sushi and Groceries

This sushi restaurant supplies diners with all the ingredients necessary to go home and create their very own sushi dinner, but diners still pack the place for the delicious noodle and sushi dishes created by the efficient staff.

Check out the slide show below to see what my family ate on a recent visit to Sea Ranch and what we brought home to eat later.

Items I highly recommend you purchase:
Dressing: The ginger carrot dressing is out of this world and like Dave’s Italian Mariana sauce can be put on a brick and eaten with cheer.
Fish: We tried a piece of sashimi grade salmon and it was soft and delicious on our homemade sushi, probably because the staff told us we had to eat the fish the same day it was purchased - good advice.
Dessert: We’re huge Pocky and Mochi fans for dessert and the grocery store has all kinds of flavors.

Cost: If we eat in, we spend about $8 per person per meal but if we shop and make dinner at home, we’re looking at about $6 per person per meal.

I highly recommend this sushi place for anyone looking to expand their palette and try some dishes at home, it’s a great store and the staff is friendly enough to talk you through some of the dishes you might be cooking later.

Sea Ranch
518 Dempster St.
Evanston, Illinois 60202
(847) 492-8340

Click here for a full slide show of totally awesome photos of Sea Ranch Sushi & Groceries

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