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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy Blizzard from Evanston Newbie

This will be my 4th winter in Evanston and it's been a beautiful one! You know you're a local when you use words like "beautiful" to describe a Chicago winter.

Today a blizzard arrived and already news outlets are saying it will rank in the Top 10 Chicago storms, bringing up to 18" of snow to some areas.

We made an igloo in the backyard to celebrate. You should go out and try it right now, it's super easy and looks really cute in the barren winter landscape.

Because we've made such amazing friends in Evanston, someone dropped off winter clothes for my younger son. Now we have better gear to play outside tomorrow if school is cancelled. Thank you Matt and Tory!

I made it outside, walking around the neighborhood and took some photos. These are the best I took, by far. Every time I passed another person I said "Happy Blizzard!" as if that was a normal salutation.

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