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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cultural Fund Grant applications are due January 30th!

#1 hopefully you have an art project that needs funding 
#2 please send this email to artists in Evanston who might be interested

Evanston Cultural Fund Grant applications are due January 30th
All grant submissions are due by 5:00 PM on January 30th.  Applications must be submitted online.  The Cultural Fund now features three grant categories: Grants to Organizations, Special Projects and Programs, and Individual Artist Projects.
There are lots of positive changes including online applications, higher grant award limits, changes to eligibility and more. 
To read more about our Cultural Grant Program or to apply for a grant, click here.


The Evanston Arts Council was established by mandate of the Evanston City Council in 1975 to provide leadership and advocacy for the promotion, development and accessibility of the arts and to create opportunities for artistic excellence in our community. The goal of the Cultural Fund Grant Program is to sustain and advance our community’s arts industry. Evanston’s vision for its Cultural Fund Program is to activate the extraordinary assets of the community to develop Evanston as an arts hub and destination.
This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency. By providing financial assistance to not-for-profit arts organizations, the Cultural Fund supports artistic excellence throughout the community. The Arts Council strongly encourages the development of broader participation by Evanston’s diverse cultural community through collaborative efforts among artists, arts organizations, and the greater community.
** Note: All grant applications must be submitted online.  Paper copies will no longer be accepted.


There are three granting categories in the Cultural Arts Program. Applicants may only apply for one grant and must specify the category. Please be sure that you are filling out the correct application.
The categories and eligibility are as follows:
Grants to Organizations – Funding is awarded to Evanston nonprofit arts organizations for operating support or capacity-building efforts. The maximum grant request is $4000.00, although the actual grant award may be less than that.
Special Programs and Projects – Funding is awarded to nonprofit arts organizations for projects or programs that serve residents in the City of Evanston. The organization may be located outside Evanston, but the organization must clearly demonstrate that the program or project service area is within Evanston’s borders. The maximum grant request is $4000.00, although the actual grant award may be less than that.
Individual Artist Projects – To an Evanston artist for a specific public fine or performing art project. The artist must be a resident of Evanston to be eligible, and the project must occur within Evanston. The maximum grant request is $2000.00, although the actual grant award may be less than that.
If you would like further information on the narrative and fiscal information required for Grants to Organizations and Grants to Special Programs and Projects before starting an application, please review these Grants to Special Programs/Projects and Grants to Organizations Application Outlines. These outlines are meant help organizations decide which one of these two grants is more appropriate for their particular needs. 
Further descriptions and explanations are contained within the applications.  For all other questions and inquiries, please contact Cultural Arts Coordinator Jennifer Lasik at 847-859-7835.

To read more or apply for a Cultural Fund Grant, please click on the appropriate link:

Special Programs & Projects
Indvidual Artists

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