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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Evanston is so hip it has an Art Walk with almost 100 artists


Although the list keeps growing, we're ready to publish the first list of participating artists (alphabetized by first name) in Open Studios Evanston on October 11, 1-5 p.m. This website will promote each artists work with photos, bios and artists statements leading up to the event. A map will be available before Oct. 11. 
Adriana Poterash, Midwest Clay Guild
Alice George, Adler George Studio

Angela Lyonsmith
Ann Baker

Aydin Dincer
Barbara Seyfried
Beth Adler,  Adler George Studio
Bonnie Katz
Bridgette Schnider
Chris Heisinger
Clark Ellithorpe, Space 900
Colleen Conley, Space 900
Cynthia Von Orthol
Dana Shearin, Midwest Clay Guild
Darren Oberto, The Alley Gallery
Dave Ford
David Velasco, Perspective Group and Photography Gallery
David Yonan, Adiana Strings
Diane Thodos
Dominic Mosca, The Pot Shop
Donna Spencer, Perspective Group and Photography Gallery
Donovan Mixon, Space 900
Dustin Harris, Space 900
Emily Testa, Midwest Clay Guild
Erdmut Lerner
Evanston Dance Ensemble
Fay Kaiser, Voice Lessons
Heather Hancock
Jack Kraig
Jackie Lakely

Jane Carney
Jane Sisco
Janet Trierweiler
Jennifer Presant
Jessica Jacobs
Jill Birschbach, Midwest Clay Guild
Jill Brazel
Jill King-Wynn, Jill King Studio/Artists Seeds
Joann Rea
Joanna Kramer, Midwest Clay Guild
Joanna Pinsky, Space 900
Joe Taylor
Jon Weiss, Midwest Clay Guild
Joyce Elias
Judith Freilich, Space 900
Julie Cowan
Juliane von Kunhardt
Justin Hart, Midwest Clay Guild
Katherine Orr
Ken Avick, Space 900
Larry Geni
Laura Allen-Simpson
Lauren Levato Coyne
Lea Basile Lazarus
Lea Pinsky, Space 900
Lindsay Sherman, Midwest Clay Guild
Lindy Stockton
LP Lundy
Lynette Martin of Bottle and Bottega
Maggie Meiners
Matrthew J Schaefer
Mark DeBernardi
Mark McMahon, The Danon Gallery
Mary Graham
Matthew Schaeffer
Melanie Deal
Michelle Mallin
Mike O'Mara of Etc. Music School
Nadine Yadi Royster
Patricia Biesen
Paul Whitaker
Peggie Robinson, Space 900
Raissa Bailey
Ray Schooley, Midwest Clay Guild
Rory Coyne
Ross Martens, The Alley Gallery
Ruth Ann Begelman
Sara Piepmeier
Sheila Ganch
Stephen Lloyd
Susan Curry, Midwest Clay Guild
Ted Glasoe, Ted Glasoe Fine Art Photography
Tom Graham
Vanessa Filley

If you are interested in joining in the fun and want to open your studio doors to the public on Oct., 1-5 p.m. email

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