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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Update: Loving my walkable life but getting a ride home is nice too

Today I celebrate out loud and on this blog how walkable my life is. Is walkable a word? The walkability of my everyday life? Who cares! Today, I am not getting into a car, at all. And in addition to not getting into a car, I am busy and taking care of several important things!

Here is a list of all the important (and not so important) things I will do today without getting into a car:
  • Go to work
  • Go to the dentist
  • Go out to dinner with friends

All of these activities will take place within a five mile radius of my home and it has taken almost two and a half years to create this reality. (Granted I used to live in New York City and didn't own a car for six years, my life now includes a car and living in a suburb outside a city.)

My job search involved a Google Map and a business search of companies within a 5 mile radius of my front door. And when I asked for a dentist recommendation for my new insurance plan, I specified that I would only take recommendations I can walk to. And when friends ask where we can meet for coffee or lunch, I always ask for places I can walk too.

I am thrilled to be living in Evanston with its infrastructure to support my walkable needs. My quality of life is much higher now that I have commuting choices and I'm grateful that I'm healthy enough to be able to choose walking as a major means of transport.

Update: After dinner it was late and cold so I hitched a ride home in our friend's car. I can't be too agro and say "no thanks" as I think that's bad manners and just weird. And to address one reader's comments regarding weather, it has not been a bummer for me to walk in this weather mainly because I cannot drive in this weather, at all. I've yet to write the blog post about the Evanston PD having to drive my car out of a snow bank that I smashed into. It's still too painful. 

P.S. That's not me in the photo, it's just a random woman walking down the street in Evanston. I do that, take photos of strangers on the sly especially if they look this cute - short dress and tall boots!


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