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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mabel Catherine the Gypsy Cabbage Patch Doll Moves on

Recently I had to part with an object I had been lugging around for far too many years, a Cabbage Patch Doll named Mabel Catherine that I had been given as a gift in 6th grade in 1984. I'm 41.

Mabel has moved with me from California to New York, to Colorado to Texas and to Illinois and in each new house or apartment she's lived in a box with her clothes and blankies in the dark, never to be unpacked or played with. That's no way for an adorable Cabbage Patch Doll to live. My husband told me (a year ago) that I should really give Mabel to someone who would play with her, that I should get "rid of that doll."

As a mother of two boys I couldn't pass Mabel on to my sons, so I searched around for friend's with daughters. Mabel went to a close home for a bit, but the little girl soon tired of her and I found Mabel back in my possession. Were we meant to be together forever? No, I would just have to expand my search.

Then several months ago another friend with a young daughter was on the lookout for baby clothes. I offered up the clothes WITH Mabel as part of the package. Both or nothing. She bit.

On a cold December rainy night I drove Mabel Catherine and her box of clothes and shoes and blankies to my friend's house. I took a quick photo in the car outside, one last look at my old pal. And then handed her off.

It's very possible this little girl who gets Mabel Catherine for Christmas will soon tire of the doll and I will find Mabel back in my arms, a little more used and bruised and that's fine.

It's occurred to me that one of the best parts of having possessions is giving them away when you are done with them, to grateful new owners. I took an inventory of what I possessed at 41 to bequeath friends and family - a Cabbage Patch Doll, and antique rocking chair for a child, some jewels. I'm going to work on giving away more and getting lighter like that guy on Craigs List who gave away all his possessions - that sounds fun and gypsy-like.

For now I hope Mabel Catherine is excited for her new adventures out of the box and into someone's life, she's been waiting so long for it!


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  1. I feel sad that you didn't introduce Mabel to your sons. My son, as a little one, enjoyed dolls more than his sister did. Glad she is finally having fun with a youngster!

  2. Thanks for commenting LP. They met Mabel but never took an interest in playing with her, visually she always freaked them out a tiny bit. Of course had they shown any ability to love her, she would have stayed.