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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Temperance Beer Company Launch Party at Prairie Moon

It doesn't get my more hyperlocal than this! Last night I was served a locally brewed beer at a locally owned bar, walking distance from my house - did I mention just how much I love Evanston?! This strapping young bartender served me my first pint of Temperance Beer, brewed by Brewster Claudia Jenron.

Temperance Beer Company was started by Josh Gilbert, Evanston native and retired architect, and will provide four types of beer, wholesale only, to bars and stores in the region. The tap room and brewery is located at 2000 Dempster Street and will host tastings on special nights - soon, but not yet.

Last night at the Moon, the joint was packed with well wishers (most of whom were boys wearing Trucker hats with the Temperance logo, like the bartender photographed here) and people happy to drink locally brewed beer.

Given that Evanston was dry until 1971, this is a huge milestone for the alcohol world which celebrated the first distillery a year ago with FEW Spirits. Both booze brands embraced Evanston's dry past in their names - FEW Distillery - Frances E. Willard's initials and Temperance Beer - a nod to the Temperance movement.

What did the beer taste like? Don't ask me, I'm no expert in the beer tasting department. All I know is that my pint has berry in  it and it was yummy and refreshing! How's that for a beer tasting review?!

Congrats to Josh  and the Claudia and all the other Temperance Beer people who made this launch happen!

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