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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Evanston and its Sexy Frozen Beaches

How can a frozen beach be described as sexy? Go see for yourself! Take a walk to any of the Evanston lakefront public spaces and you'll see some sexy, frozen, tundra instead of warm, sandy beach.

This time of year, the waves crest and break on the beach and then freeze onto one another, creating a massive ice structure at the waterfront.

And soon, in fact too soon for some of you winter lovers, spring and summer will be here and so will the muggy weather and bugs. Enjoy the sexy frozen beach while you can!


  1. I so, so agree! I walk to work by the lake every morning, and lately it just stops me in my tracks! Winter can be rough, and it's starting to feel a little long right now, but the beautiful frozen beaches help.

  2. I run them (almost) every morning and (always) in shorts!

  3. Per! You are a maniac! I love the way locals love the weather here!