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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Warning: There is a whiskey distillery less than a mile from my home

Update from Few Spirits Facebook wall! It's harvest time here at Few, which means we are asking for volunteers to come help us bottle & label this Saturday the 17th, from 9:45am-1pm. Please message us via Facebook if you can make it in. Or, hey, just come on in...we will make it fun.


As you all know, I’m in the love with the walkability factor of living in Evanston and the more I get to know this city – the more walkable it becomes.

Just a few months ago I heard something from somewhere about a gin distillery in Evanston. How funny I thought to myself and how old school to have an actual distillery in your hometown. Doesn’t that only happen in the Deep South? And didn’t Evanston’s history involve a healthy and prolonged Temperance movement? My mind soon moved on to another topic and I forgot all about this alleged distillery.

Then a few weeks ago my husband’s coworker told him all about this “amazing distillery where they make gin and whiskey and spirits and it’s the best you’ve ever tasted and they have tours!” I quickly went online and found Few Spirits of Evanston and signed up for a tour which I totally flaked on. Do you see a pattern here dear reader? The party has to come to ME!

Background added today: Few Spirits is located just off Chicago Ave. in a former chop shop adjacent to the Purple Line tracks and offers tours and tastings ($10, more info on their website at The distillery opened in 2011 and is owned and operated by Paul Hletko, a 41-year-old patent attorney with an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering. Opening up the distillery was a long and complicated process which included Evanston changing zoning laws. Last February Mike Sula of the Chicago Reader did a good story on Few Spirits and Hletko's work, click here to read it.

This is the part where the party comes to me! Last weekend I heard that Few Spirits was doing a tasting at Whole Foods Evanston South from 1-4 p.m. and seeing as I needed juice boxes for lunches, I ran out the door faster than you can say “free whiskey”. (I can never recall in my long life (40 years) being able to walk to a whiskey tasting in less than 1 mile from my house.)

The line at the Few Spirits table was long and the offerings were plenty, so I waited patiently, and was rewarded with a smooth, hearty and heart-warming Bourbon Whiskey taste served up by Brooke Saucier, Brand Manager at Few.

I intend to sign up for a tour again but before that I’m going to the Fifth FF, a party at Few Spirits the day after Thanksgiving featuring live music, food, cocktails and the food truck Samich Box. See party info below and see you there!

Fifth FF, Friday, November 23, 2012
5:30-8 p.m.
918 Chicago Avenue

After swearing that our Fourth FF would be our last one at the distillery until spring, we hereby unswear. Thiiiiis one will be 2012's final fling. We're putting up a tent, with perhaps a Few fancy heaters.

Join us the evening after Thanksgiving for music, food and cocktails. Bring family & friends. You just know they want to go do something...

Music will be provided by Precious Moment, aka Adam Voss Unplugged, who will be rockin' an acoustic set sure to please, amuse and confound.

The food truck presently known as SamichBox will join us again, and they promise not to foist any turkey leftovers on us.

Cocktails will again be served, along with juice boxes for the kids, as well as for those who really really love juice.

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