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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just like the Jeffersons, we’re moving on up!

One fun fact about El Paso, TX, (my previous hometown) is that Sherman Hemsley from The Jeffersons lives there. Sherman and I used to live in the same town. And like Sherman, my family recently moved on up from a two bedroom to a three bedroom apartment. It’s not every day that you can find things in common with a celebrity! But I digress.

The transition from a house to an apartment was big enough for my family, but for the last year, we have been living in a space ½ the size of our home in El Paso and it has been a challenge. Or should I confess that mainly it was a challenge for me as I couldn’t have anyone over for dinner, also I had to walk around the neighborhood to have private phone calls. Now that I think about it, more walking and less eating socially is probably why I lost 41 pounds in a year.

What our new apartment affords us is space to host guests (comfortably) and the luxury to entertain guests in our dining room! “It’s so nice not to have to eat in the kitchen” said my son during our first dining room meal! And it’s true!

We’ve spent the last year working on being appreciative of our apartment and living space and learning to just be grateful in general (all part of my personal Happiness Project thanks to Gretchen Rubin). How wonderful then to transition to a bigger apartment exactly one year after our arrival in Evanston, one year more grateful and ready to really appreciate a bigger space.

What does this have to do with you? Buy the furniture we no longer want! After making yet another living transition, we’re getting rid of all kinds of furniture and are totally willing to haggle. And because we don’t have a driveway to host a garage sale in, everything is for sale on!

China Hutch, $500

Desk Lamps, $40

Bathroom Hamper & Shelves, $75

Bathroom Shelves, $50

Bookshelf, $75

Metal Kitchen Shelf, $40

Espresso Machine & accessories, $75

Thank you in advance for your help lightening our load and for reading this blog!

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