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Friday, May 11, 2012

Ritual: Two friends go jump in a lake once a month

It's so fun to have a relationship with a beach, which I totally do seeing as Dempster Street Beach is my family's personal beach or at least we like to think so. It's only 2 long blocks from our house and we can walk to it easily anytime of year or day.

It's off season now which is why this shot is completely empty of people but just before I took this photo, 2 Northwestern Students showed up at the beach, stripped to their shorts and jumped in the lake. They were only in the water for a minute or two but it freaked out my son's and me to see people swim so early in the season. Of course I interviewed them when they got out of the water.

It turns out once a month these two friends go jump in the lake, the entire year, even in January. It's just something they do. Two friends who go jump in a lake once a month. That is a fantastic monthly tradition.

I can't wait until the season opens and this lake is full of screaming children and adults jumping in the lake. It's been quiet on the beach in the off season and although I love it, I love a busy beach too.

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  1. So fun, it really seems like our personal little beach! So happy we share it!